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As an author, you know how important it is to have opportunities to promote your books. At eNKSPOTc, we provide several options to help you connect with your target audience.

1. As an author, you can promote your Kindle ebooks through eNKSPOTc sponsored Giveaways. You can choose the duration of your Giveaways and the specifics of entrance rules. eNSPOTc will set up a Giveaway tailored to your social media platforms. Giveaway entrants will have opportunities to increase their chances of winning a copy of your Kindle eBook by doing combinations of “liking” your author Facebook page, “Tweeting” about the Giveaway, “following” your author Twitter account, , “pinning” an image on Pinterest, “following” you on Pinterest, leaving a Blog Post Comment . . . or completing some other option you come up with. It’s totally up to you!

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2. Another opportunity to expand your author platform is through letting eNKSPOTc feature your Kindle eBook on “free” promotion days. When you schedule your promotion through, fill out an application to let us know, and if there are spots available, on the selected dates we will provide links to let our followers know your book is available for free. It’s a great way to maximize the exposure you’re hoping to get.

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3. Following the same process as you would for Freebies, eNKSPOTc also features discounted or Kindle Countdown books. When your book is on sale, let eNKSPOTc help you get the word out. Our followers are looking for those good deals and you are looking for readers. Let us help you both!

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These options are all valuable tools that expand your author reach and increase your connection to future readers outside your normal “friends.”

Our rates:

Giveaways ($50/day; $100/weekend Fri-Sunday; $250/week)

Freebies ($10/day; $20/weekend Fri-Sunday; $50/week)

Deals ($20/day; $40/weekend Fri-Saturday; $100/week)


FOR A LIMITED TIME, eNKSPOTc is offering FREE Giveaway, FREE Freebies, and FREE Deals promotion opportunities. These FREE New Year opportunities end January 31, 2014– so sign up soon! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

And if you miss our New Year promotion, you can still save on your promotion: From February 1, 2014 until June 1, 2014, eNKSPOTc is offering ½ off to all authors who participate in a Giveaway, Freebie, or Deals promotion!



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